Daniela Ion, has walked the road that many choose not to go down, she had the determination to succeed in the music industry and use her influence to impact others. Her career started in her early teens, working with various recording producers where her vocal style was birthed.  Migrating to Australia in 1982 from the eastern european country of Romania, music has always been embedded in her DNA. Growing up with traditional folk songs and her mother’s passion for singing.  As an artist signed to ABC Music in early 2002, and having been the recipient of an Australian Aria Nomination, and a Golden Manuscript Award, it was clear to see that Daniela had the passion and drive to make the recording industry a serious choice.

Now a Women’s Inspirational Coach, Daniela has also launched her new single ‘I Am Who I Am’, in preparation for her upcoming EP.

and the creativity to be a motivational speaker has become the heartbeat of Daniela Ion’s new and upcoming EP to be released later this year. Her passion is to empower women as do other motivational speakers.

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I Am Who I Am