Daniela Ion has walked the road that many choose not to go down, she had the determination to succeed in the music industry and use her influence to impact others. Her career started in her early teens, working with various recording producers where her vocal style was birthed.  Migrating to Australia in 1982 from the Eastern European country of Romania, music has always been embedded in her DNA. Growing up with traditional folk songs and her mother’s passion for singing.  As an artist signed to ABC Music in early 2002, and having been the recipient of an Australian Aria Nomination, and a Golden Manuscript Award, it was clear to see that Daniela had the passion and drive to make the recording industry a serious choice.

What gave Daniela the fuel to keep going when times were tough and disappointing? Being part of an industry where you had to push yourself to the limits in training and mastery.  Daniela all the way through it had faith, until the day she stepped away from a big recording contract. Everything changed, all her doubts, imperfections and self-worth was all that she had left.

Not a perfect scenario being in her mid 20’s, having started a company and newly married.

All she could think about was how much she had failed as an artist and how she would step away from the music industry and creativity.  For Daniela these were 10 dark, lonely years of frustration, anger, resentment and fear of ever trying again. She packed up all her belongings moved interstate and went into hiding, little did she know that this was going to be a season of redefining and reinventing her creative spark and that it was going to inspire other women along the way.

“I remember one morning when i woke up, there was this song playing in my mind over and over again. I had not heard songs for so long and I thought even if it was possible. Something happened inside of me like an unlocking and i could finally step into creativity again”

Early 2015, Daniela took a leap of faith and gathered a few songs she had on her phone and flew to Sydney to have a meeting that changed her life.  Her dream was resurrected and the journey to inspire other women to do the same had also started, it was all finally coming together…….

I believe in a world where everyone has the right to express their creativity in order to impact others.

I stand for opportunities where your voice can be heard through all media platforms, giving you the confidence to spread your message throughout the world.

You can count on me to be a support pillar, a person who believes in you and your gift as you serve humanity with authenticity and inspirational creativity.

I invite you to reinvent yourself, expand your vision and explore your entrepreneurial skills as an unconventional woman who has purpose and drive to also inspire others.

Love Daniela

10 years of silence, then I heard a knock on my heart….

“I never thought the years could go by so fast, but they did and I had grown comfortable in realising that I was never really going to get the chance again to express my creativity.”