Nobody on this earth has the talents, perspectives, and strengths that you have, you were born to create change, you have it already in you. No matter where you are right now, whether you are getting a certain measure of success or you are in a place of transformation and stepping out into the unknown (with excitement) you are probably feeling a transition.


I say this because I have spent over 16 years of my life exploring what it really takes to turn dreams into reality.  To live a life of inspirational creativity and doing the work I was born to do.

It has been a roller-coaster ride and I have made mistakes along the way. I really love seeing people succeed and live a greater life. If you are dissatisfied with where you are right now is a clear indication of progress and change.


Did you know that the world needs your gift right now?


Are you wanting more out of your life, but you feel STUCK and ALONE?


Have you procrastinated about starting a business, a new venture or even just a passionate project?


You have reached the point of no return in your project and need to experience a full transformation from the inside out?


Are you motivated to see change and ready to inspire others?


With the right mentor and support, you can create your dream and live out your vision.

As a successful entrepreneur, I will take you through the process from start to finish.

You will gain more confidence and clarity around your soul’s mission and start to walk out the divine plan.  You will discover and resurrect your gifts and talents again, that will inspire others through your unique creativity.


I help you take the first steps into extinguishing limiting beliefs, fears and doubts.  I will help you with reconnecting back to your divine purpose and plan.  You will have access to all the insight that I have learned from the world’s leading influencers.


It totally excites and makes my job so rewarding, to see women pursue their dreams without apology and be unique in delivering their message creatively. From very humble beginnings to now looking after groups of women who are stopping at nothing to create their vision.


Here what other women have experienced whilst working with me,


“Today it’s like all the tools I’ve learned have kicked into gear, I have drive, motivation, God-given ambition and peace, I’m recreating myself and fully yielding to my dreams and all the processes to get there. I’m expectant again! I’m ready! I’m free to be me!” – Angela VanGulick – Prophetic Artist


“Daniela has a gift for pulling out the details you couldn’t see within you that are blocking you or you do not yet see. It is awesome!” Melodye Guidroz – Self – Employed Writer


“My mind is still spinning from my call with Daniela last light! This call, and collaborating with her, has gotten me focused and on a path toward creating more and more dreams! My message to the world is simply hope. I have gotten so inspired to work with other ladies and launch a project I call SOUL ANCHOR” – Jennifer Staton


“Your mindset will shift, after a session with Daniela, I began to see my business in a new way.  If you want upgrades in any area of your life, Daniela will revolutionise your thinking.”  Sherilyn Segon CEO & Founder of Devona


“Blown away by her insight, from our session I was able to receive an awesome idea, as I had so many different directions floating around.  I am now set back on track after feeling so stuck.”  Sylvia Roberts – Founder of Backstage Pass Magazine





Daniela Ion has an uncompromising desire to seeing Inspirational Creativity be part of the entrepreneurial journey. Daniela’s early career path took her into the recording industry as an ARIA nominated musician whilst also being a vibrant business woman running her own company for over 10 years.  Her wealth of knowledge, insight and forward thinking has led her to assist many women to start their entrepreneurial journey as an Unconventional Creative Woman in the marketplace.


Daniela has a natural ability to identify the unique signature strengths from her clients, inspire them to think out of the box to pursue their ultimate calling.  Her passion for excellence and pure motivation to see results has led many to follow their desires to be who they dream to be, without compromise!


As she lives an Abundant Life with her young family, she enjoys inspiring others to step into their desired calling with success.

Now it is YOUR turn to LIVE an Abundant Life!