Early in 2015 Daniela heard the inner call to go back into the music industry, but this time with a message that was to pierce the hearts of humanity. Full of inspiration, reflection and hope. She flew into sydney to met up with Aria winning producer Leon Berger, with who she had worked with over 19 years ago (the story is very inspiring).


Leon straight away gravitated to a few of her lyrics and melodies and told her to keep writing and that she would have a whole album in no time.  The encouragement propelled her to write a song a day for over 2 months and let her creativity begin to soar. Leon and Daniela could not both keep up with the momentum as the songs kept getting produced in the studio.  Daniela was back in her creative space and working with one of the most inspiring producers.


“Music never ends it transcends itself and the ones along the way”  Leon Berger


It was like an acceleration was happening at full speed. During this process all that Daniela had experienced in her life the good and the bad, all fell into this one very pivotal moment.  The music was speaking to her, piercing her heart and revealing to her how the message in the music will impact others and bring them also to a place of resurrecting their dream.

Daniela Ion – ‘I Am Who I Am’


Inspirational songs for women and the creativity to be a motivational speaker has become the heartbeat of Daniela Ion’s new and upcoming EP to be released later this year.



Already an award-winning singer/songwriter, her music career started in her early teens, working with various record producers where her essence and vocal style was birthed.

Born in Romania and highly influenced by the traditional sounds of folk songs and pop music, her song ‘I Am Who I Am’ is a product of her creative spirit, literally transcending from a dream into enlightened melody, therapeutic, even healing in the message it carries, being one of love, hope and inspiration.


As an artist signed to ABC Music in early 2002, and having been the recipient of an Australian Aria Nomination, and a Golden Manuscript Award, it was clear that Daniela has the passion and drive to rebirth her amazing potential.

Now, after 7 years self-reflection, Daniela has re-emerged in her urge to express herself musically again.

“Life’s stories of pain, hope, brokenness and restoration began to pour out of me, I realised that a body of work was beginning to form, and in a way, I could see my own musical dreams coming back to life”

Taking a leap of faith, Daniela stepped out to write songs that pierced the heart and resurrect the dream inside us.


We invite you to come on board for the journey!

Coming Soon….

EP Release later in 2017